Happy Birthday MOMMA!!!

Today is my mother's birthday. She's seriously THE BEST.  No really.

Sorry - don't take it personal. I love your mom too. But Evelyn Irizarry Guzman is just TOP NOTCH.

Why? Well, I'm glad you asked!

The Obvious:
She carried me for 9 months
Not So Obvious:
The pregnancy was full of complications, including pressure from her doctor to abort me, which she refused to do because of this "sense" that it would be okay. She trusted God with my life (and her own) for 9 long months.

The Obvious:
She gave birth to me. As in pushed a human being the size of watermelon through a hole the size of lemon (And to all the moms out there - YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!)
Not So Obvious:
She gave birth to me in the backseat of a station wagon on the Staten Island Ferry with a LOT of commuting New Yorkers gawking.

The Obvious:
She's beautiful
Not So Obvious:
She once dressed up with her gay friends and entered a Drag Queen contest (in the 70's). She placed SECOND. (which proves that she's GORGEOUS) Plus, at the age of 63, she STILL gets hit on. When my dad is there and hears a man calling her pretty, he simply replies, "I know." :-)

The Obvious:
She loves people
Not So Obvious:
She's had over 30 foster children and continues to care for people in her home

Other things worth noting:
- She makes GREAT food
- She has a "look of death" that will silence ANY rambunctious/destructive child in .043 seconds
- She instilled the following indispensable principles in our lives:
  • anything is possible!
  • people are the most important things in life
  • red lipstick is always "in"
  • the world is yours to discover
  • God will never EVER EVER "drop the ball"
  • Anything worth having is worth the hard work it takes to get it
  • Laugh a lot. It's free and good for you
  • Deep down inside of you, underneath all the the stress and pressure of life, is a little more strength, a little more tenacity, a little more stubborn will to get you through any situation. Never give up.
I love you, Mom! Happy Birthday!