can I introduce you to.....?

So we leave this Saturday for our much anticipated vacation to Costa Rica!! Life's been a bit of a whirlwind (hence the lack of the regular posts), but I can assure you we are all A-okay.

I wanted to introduce anyone who may read this blog to a dear friend and hero of mine. Her little family's story is incredible and their courage/humility is breathtaking.

Please, oh PRETTY please take a moment to meet the fabulous Lester Family.

We really can be a part of the change we want to see in the world. It just takes courage. And so does Motherhood.

We. Can. Do. This.


Monday came and went I totally didn't notice until today!!! (that is a window into the pace my life is running at these days.) Geez Louise. 

Enjoy this great video that I discovered thanks to my FB friend Betsy and I will be back on here soon- for sure!

High-five to all the mommies!

Motherhood Mondays: filled with wonder

My husband's youngest brother had a beautiful wedding this past weekend and both my husband and I were in it. We dragged our travelling circus down to Virginia (that's normally about a 7 hour drive, but with the kiddos it took about 9-10). For me, it was a wonderful yet busy weekend in surburbia, seeing family, crying a few tears of joy, going to a Starbucks (that had a DRIVE THROUGH WINDOW!!). But besides all things GORGEOUS and AMAZING about this wedding, I didn't think I'd have much to say about Virginia. But I do. Just not tonight...I keep nodding off at the keyboard. Stay tuned for a Ode To Lynchburg, VA post... :-)

You know who I loved watching explore "suburbia"? Elasia.  For her, our little trip to Virginia was magical.  And here's 3 reasons why:
  • there are Chick-fil-As !! (these amazing restaurants serve her favorite food - chicken - AND have playgrounds attached to them!)
  • we got in a car and drove to where we needed to go. No long walking, no trains, no buses, no taxis. Travel time with JUST mommy and daddy felt so luxurious.
  • People had their own private piece of grass, rocks and dirt (a.k.a. "yards") not just one central park or green space like NYC.
Watching my girls this weekend, with our extended family, and particularly in Virginia, I was sharply reminded at how boring I can let life be. This is especially a tragedy because when little opportunities come along to "stop and smell the roses" I tend to rush right pass them, shoo-ing my daughters along, insisting there is no time because we have responsibilities to tend to. Then at the end of the day I wonder why motherhood can be so lack-luster. 

So this reflection is short (partly because I'm nodding off with exhaustion  - loooonnnnng car ride) but I want to "bookmark" Elasia's pure ability to be facinated by things that would seem so common to me. This weekend I tried to see things through her eyes and became fascinated again with butterlies, jumping on one foot, strip malls, glittery rocks in gardens, sour pickles, and bubble-wrap packing material.

I think if I can keep reintroducing "wonder" into my adventures as a mother, not only will it help me understand my children better, but it'll make this whole journey A LOT more fun.

So here's to being amazed more frequently, being surprised more regularly and allowing wonder to fill my mind even in the midst of mundane tasks.

Happy Monday, fellow Mommies!