Under Construction?

It's been just over 3 months since...I lost my ability to think clearly.

Okay, I'm being a little dramatic (hey, being Puerto Rican gives me some license, right?)... But something is going on in me that I haven't quite figured out yet.  It could be as simple as stress-induced fatigue, or as complicated as - well, I don't know what. That's the thing - not knowing what's wrong with me is driving me a little batty.  (There are still a few more doctors' appointments to be had)

Whatever it is, it's leaving me tired for at least half the day, forgetful (more than your average mommy brain), nauseous (at times) and unable to process life without help.  It's vague and hard to articulate. And leaves me feeling "bad" most nights.

So that's were I've been. I have so much in my brain I want to get out - so many ideas that would make great "blog entries", so much that I NEED to express because God made me a writer and dang it, sometimes I HAVE to just write....But they're stuck in a gridlock-type traffic jam in my tired mind.

We'll see if I can get the traffic to clear up - it may even be therapeutic for me in this whole "what's going on in my body?" season.  'Til then, let's just say that this blog and my life are Under Construction.

Sending so much love from the Big Apple,