for the grandparents!

Here are some more pictures just for you guys...

Bath time fun!

Her winter polar bear look

in a candy store in Mexico

playing peek-a-boo

Our little "sicky" spending some sleepy time with Daddy.

My Bee-Do

So this is the month that Elasia Hope Gahagan turns 1!!! It's incredible to think Adam and I have survived an entire year of parenthood and that Elasia is actually doing really well. I thought I would refect on some of her precious quirks and personality traits that have recently developed.

One of her new favorite past-times is to transfer Cheerios from one tupperware to another larger one. She asks to do this by her adorable version of "Can I have Cheerios please" which literally consists of the sign for "Please" and her saying "CHEE-weee-ooos". This ALWAYS leads to Cheerios all over my kitchen floor.

When given ANYTHING that can make a noise when you shake it (a rattle, a salt shaker, a bottle of multi-vitamins, an Altoids tin etc) she smiles really big, holds it above her head and to my cue of "Shake it, shake it" she proceeds to vigorously shake it while doing a little dance. This also works if she's in a great mood and isn't holding anything. I just stand her up, leaning on the couch or something and say "Shake it, Shake it" and she shakes her little butt. Sooo cute!

She loves to be chased. When she's standing by the couch or on the bed and Adam or I say, "I'm gonna get you.." she shrieks and squeals and laughs and tries her hardest to scoot, crawl, or roll away from us. Sometimes she gets so overwhelmed that she ends up freezing in place and giggling while we tickle her.

She likes to point at random things/people all the time. My favorite is on the bus and subway (especially when they're crowded) and some stranger finds my Bee-Do's little finger nearly up his nose.

There's SO much more, and those of you that have been around her know she can have you laughing in no time. She's my little comedian, and she's definitely an encouragement to keep having more. She's going to make a fabulous big sister.