Ladybugs at the High Line!

NYC is pretty incredible when it comes to parks. (Understatement of the month. I know.) About a week ago I was able to explore the The High Line with my kiddos, a good friend of mine and her little girls. It wasn't our first time there, but it was special because they were having a Wild Wednesday activity. (There should be theme music everytime anyone says that.) For this particular one, kids were able to learn about ladybugs and get up close and personal with some (read: thousands).  Not only could my City Girls get into a bit of nature, but this was going to be their science lesson for the week. Three cheers for homeschooling! Hip hip...HOORAY!!! Hip hip....ahem. Sorry.

Elasia (my 5 year old) LOVES LOVES LOVES ladybugs so as soon as I read about it - it became a date.

Here are a few pics from our adventures:

we were given bags of ladybugs that we could release into the gardens in the High Line park. Very Cool.

That's about as close as Qara wanted to get to live ladybugs. And yes, that's her "My mom is crazy, I'm pretending to have fun so she won't make me do more crazy things" smile.)

They set up stations where the kids could make "Ladybugs eat aphids" crafts too.

Elasia - my little entomologist, saying goodbye to her little ladybug friend
New York City is full of little treasures like these sort of events. Listen to me...I'm gushing like a tourist. But it's true! 7 years later and I'm still in love with this place.

And I love that my children are growing up here too. :-)