Heavenly Protection

On April 2, 2012 at 8:29 PM Amina Celeste Gahagan was born. Her name means Heavenly protection, safety and refuge.

We are so in love.....
 Sleepy smiles make my day.

The three sisters!

We found out we were pregnant last year during a very high pressure, stressful, and emotional season in our lives. (Hence the lack of posts too.) Having a constant awareness of a life forming inside of me was my accountability to not internalize stress, take on more than I could handle, and enjoy the process. Her little life protected me from damaging my health because of my martyr tendencies. Her birth was wonderful and even at 1 month old, I find that my obligation to her (simply love, nursing and regular newborn care) is keeping my life "manageable" in what could be another crazy season.

Thank you, God for this heavenly gift of protection.