Bits of my weekend - Volume 2

With minimal narration - here's my past weekend!!

Saturday was Adam's birthday!! He turned 29! (I know, I'm such a cougar....I'll be 30 in June.)

 Good morning and Happy Birthday Daddy!! (early morning wake up and cuddles)

Ingredients to make Challah French Toast - special birthday breakfast

Yum. (and for the occasion - PORK BACON! double yum.)

I mentioned last week how the building where Elasia takes ballet classes looks like a castle. Here's a peak inside.

3 happy ballerinas and 1 grouchy little sister who's a little bitter at being too young to take classes.

Adam's birthday was also the same day as our block's first street closing. (we live on an AWESOME block with a rather organized association that "organizes" cool stuff.) The whole block was closed to traffic and everyone cleaned up the flower beds around the trees and planted new ones. Then afterwards, we all BBQ'd, drank some cold ones and let our kids run around using those toys we stuff away in our closet (purposefully singular) that only get used on such occasions or when schlepped to the park. (i.e. toddler tricycle, sidewalk chalk, beginners roller blades, etc.)

Qara watering newly planted pansies
It says "Adam is 29" :-)

Who's that HOT chef at the grill? Oh it's the birthday boy. Almost equally as attractive, my delicious grilled kielbasa....yum.

He was trying to get all Bobby Flay and grill honeydew melon to serve with the pork chops. Great idea!
Her skin was her preferred canvas. My cute little Avatar baby...

As a surprise, I took Adam to a ninja castle for dinner. Oh. my. word. What a hilariously great place for people like us. (read: LOVERS of cheesy themes particularly all things ninja and yet appreciative of sophisticated food.) And pre-teen boys. But that's another story...

It was really dark and ::MYSTERIOUS:: in there so the pics are pretty poor. (plus I'm afraid to divulge too much information and then get killed by a ninja in the middle of the night.) But this is a pic of a MASTERPIECE sushi roll that involved fresh crayfish, spicy peppers, and pop rocks. (yep. the candy) WOW. sooo good.

It was a multi-course affair (I lost track of how many as I inhaled everything and mumbled appreciation to our servers/ninjas throughout the meal) So I'm just sharing pictures of the few I was coherrent enough to take a photo of.  This is beef brisket slowly baked in a vidalia onion with pink peppercorns on watercress.  

Dessert: smooth chocolate mouse on rich chocolate cake, topped with a dark chocolate ninja star.

And oh the saki.....::sigh:: so good.

Sorry, no pics of Sunday.
It was a wonderful day. Fantastic church service, delicious fish and chips at a top secret harlem jewel of a place and a costume party for a dear friend of ours. (I'll try to ask around for pics of that - so hilarious!!)

Much love from Hamilton Heights!



Leah M said...

Love it.. thanks for sharing. :) Are you ever going to tell us how you moved to NYC and what you're doing now? I'm so curious!

michelle from six in the city said...

Sounds like a great weekend! What a cool neighborhood you live in!

Elly (Chicellarose) said...

Love the little ones in the cubbies!

Evita Gahagan said...

Leah - sure thing! Stay tuned...

Michelle - thanks! I was reluctant to move so far north at first but I've really fallen in love with it up here.

Elly - that's my fav pic too!!

Kelly Tirman said...

3 happy ballerinas and 1 grouchy little sister - Great Shot - Classic