Bits of my weekend - Volume 1

Happy Monday! (Sorry if Mondays are "back to the grind" days for you. They are like my Saturdays and are generally met with great enthusiasm from me.)

So Michelle of My Six in The City does this "Bits of my Weekend" deal where she shares what happened and I thought it was an AWESOME idea. So here is my first installment:

Our little family tradition: Big Ol' Breakfast (and ::sigh:: yes, that's turkey bacon. Blasted, healthy eating....::shakes fist::)

Then it was like a monsoon otuside - SO MUCH RAIN. So here's the double stroller o' trouble on our way to take Elasia to ballet

View from under my umbrella. It reminded me of a good ol' Florida rain storm.

the entrance to Jackie Robinson Park Facilities where Elasia's ballet classes are now held. It looks like an old armory - but Elasia INSISTS it's a castle. The inside is GORGEOUS. It's on the Historical Parks of NYC list as it was acquired by the city around 1894. So pretty and yet so overlooked.

That's LaToya - the miracle-working ballet teacher. It's hard to get those little wiggle-worms to stand still for even a second.

While Adam prepped for church Saturday night, this is the riveting stuff I was falling asleep to watching Saturday night. I'm a party animal. I know. (but I do LOVE Julia.)

After church on Sunday Adam took us to MAKE !! I've always wanted to go there, so it was such a treat. But the BIG Mother's Day surprise is he bought me a year-long membership!! So, if your birthday present is a poorly painted but FULL of well-meaning piece of generic pottery, just smile and say, "Thank You" or you might run the risk of hurting my feelings. ;-)

**very interesting sidenote: Two tables away from us, Madonna's kids (Yes, as in that-awesome-episode-of-GLEE Madonna) were painting a present for their mom. I tried not to stare as their entourage was a bit intimidating. They were super cute kids, though.**

Post Mother's Day drive home.

And finally, kinda late Sunday night Adam had a last minute meeting with someone, which sorta rescheduled our "family" evening. His peace offering (which will absolutely ALWAYS work on me) was my favorite fried calamari in all of NYC (from Tonalli).

The second picture makes me chuckle for 2 reasons. 1.) The guy that prepared the take-out order clearly thought this portion was meant for two people - ha!!  2.) He also assumed I would use a fork to eat it.

um. "nope" on both counts.

So that was my weekend - nothing too breathtaking or life-changing, but wonderful nonetheless and full of lots of Mommy-love.  What did you do?


Evita Gahagan said...

check one. check one two

michelle from Six in the City said...

LOVED your weekend pics!
It's so fun to get a peek into other people's lives, isn't it?
We love MAKE. In fact we almost went there on Mother's Day too! Would have been fun to see you!

sherilee said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend! Great pictures.

Kelly Tirman said...

Madonna? Really? Wow guess that is NYC for you. I really wish more famous people live in San Francisco ;)

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Evita Gahagan said...


Dayna said...

My husband and I once saw Madonna walking down a street in London. I couldn't believe it! But the whispers and stares of passers by confirmed that I was right.

It looks like you had a sweet Mother's Day weekend. I really enjoyed reading about it!