Motherhood Mondays

Series help me stay consistent. Sometimes when life is so intricate... and so REAL it's difficult for me to grab a thought or two and articulate it in a "blog". So this is my first attempt at a series - we'll call it Motherhood Mondays. I'm a mother of two hilarious, enigmatic, tender-hearted, passionate and breathtaking little girls (Elasia, 4 and Zaqarah 2 1/2) but I don't want the whole blog to be about that part of life necessarily -hence the specific day.

Plus - Mother's Day is THIS Sunday (you're welcome for the reminder - ha ha.) So with that, hopefully your kids are asleep by now, and if you don't have any - pull out a picture of your mom. Sip that cup of coffee/tea that's made just-the-way-you-like-it.  Sit in your favorite comfy spot with your Mac/PC on your lap and enjoy this heartfelt tribute to mothers. Let it speak right to your heart and remind you of how special you/they are.  Enjoy!

much love from our little apartment just north of Harlem!