My momma always taught us to "Laugh a lot. It's free and good for you." My husband knows the quickest way to my heart is humor. My closest friends can tell you that even though I dole out smiles and laughter generously, I'm not being insincere. I've just got a BROAD range of what I define as funny. And I love to laugh. If it's remotely funny - I'm laughing. Big belly laughs are my favorite. Closely followed by those deliriously silly I-know-it's-just-'cause-I'm-EXHAUSTED-that-this-is-so-funny-I'm-crying ones. (But those are harder to get)

Confession: I don't have the most quiet laugh either. When I was younger and would spend the night at my friend Juliette's house, we would ALWAYS get in trouble for being up too late. While she would be giggling quietly at something funny, I was trying to muffle my donkey-like ga-faws with a pillow - but it was no use. Man, did we get chewed out.  ::good times, good times::

So I thought I'd share some things I rely on for a good laugh or even just a sincere smile when life is just too lame to breathe.

"A joyful heart is good medicine..." So (lift up your glass of something delicious...right now my imaginary drink of choice it a Thai chile-cilantro martini...yum)...here's crow's feet around our eyes!

(fair warning: some of this stuff is HYSTERICAL, some just so-so, some may have ::gasp:: potty mouth words, etc. Look on at your own non-judgemental leisure.)

Some links:

For the quirky Emo-types - so witty and funny:

He's brilliant and very VERY funny:

(ha ha. I had to put the one with flowers and a kitten. Because it's awesome.)

(The links could go on and on...so let's move on to videos)

I LOVE karaoke. Especially Asian karaoke. (I ::heart:: Asia.) Especially this karaoke of Carrie Underwood's Jesus Take the Wheel.

Also - I have a soft spot in my heart for Taylor Swift. YIKES. I just said that out loud. Oh well. It's out there now. So enjoy this funny one.

Cute kid. Priceless moment caught on tape!

This is a friend of mine who ALWAYS brings a smile to my face. And if you are or have a friend/loved one who is Filipino - you're gonna LOVE her too. This is just a taste (she's all the characters AND does the editing herself!) Subscribe to her on Youtube and check out her website!

What are some of your favorite things to watch/read when you need a good chuckle?


Unknown said...

E-Dawg, Becky and I are CRYING! "I'm a Lennon goat!"

miller_schloss said...

Yeah, we had TEARS over "Jesus, take the Wiiiiiiiiiii..."

And we love the Whittakers' Single Ladies Devastation. Katherine likes it too. Have you seen their video story of their adoption of Losiah from Korea?

Evita Gahagan said...

Yes! I loved it. I watched ...I watched all of them and seriously can NOT wait until we get to go on that journey too.

"I'm a LENNON GOOOAATTT...so give me one more chair..."

ahhh, gotta love it.