Bits of my weekend - Volume 6

My weekend definitely started on Friday.

It was our 5th wedding anniversary!! I'm still blown away at how rich and deep and everyday and HOT and solid and funny our love is.  ::SIGH::

We had a FANTASTIC date. My incredible mother-in-law was in town (they live in Maine) to love on us so wonderfully, make great memories with the gran-kids and to do lots and LOTS of laundry.  Oh THANK YOU, MOM!
roses from that guy I married 5 years ago. And we had a giggling, intense, dreamy date out on "the town".

our wedding rings and the end of our date - cheesecake, coffee and french fries at a diner at 2 AM.  It's amazing how refreshing it is to laugh, dream and reflect with my best friend.

Saturday morning:
We're still a bit obsessed with flowers so I had to catch a picture of Elasia's pollen covered nose after taking a big whiff of blooming lillies on our way to ballet this Saturday.

Little sisters play while the big sisters dance ballet.

AMAZING DISCOVERY!! Is it a new Thai place in my 'hood? Or just a tricky "bait and switch" laundromat?!  I'm hopeful...

After a wonderful time with the family at All Souls Christian Church and a meeting afterwards for good measure - we celebrated our friend Tracy's graduation with her Master's in International Relations.  This pic is from the walk over to her apartment.  

It says so much.  :-)

and of course, Sunday night is currently being spent watching the Tony's.

I just love 'em.

That's my weekend - how was yours?  Don't forget to stop by Michelle's blog to check out other's weekends!

Much love from Hamilton Heights


sherilee said...

Happy anniversary! We're coming up on 5 years this year too, and it's wonderful to celebrate the love.

Michelle said...

Yes Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you 2 had a great time.

Dayna said...

Happy Anniversary! This was an especially good weekend, wouldn't you say?