Bits of My Weekend - Volume 9

As seems to be a pattern, I'm going to include Friday. We went (with some great friends) to the Victorian Gardens in Central Park. I HIGHLY recommend it for kids...under 12 or so...and people older that are still pretty young at heart.
My fearless Elasia decided she didn't need to hold on.

Qara and our little friend Addison hopping around

this ride was the cause of a mini-heart attack for me. I will now never make fun of my mother for gasping and closing her eyes during all of my crazy antics. While I LOVE roller-coasters and extreme rides, when it's my BABY up there....geeeesh.


Candadian White Bread, sent in a care package to us from my wonderful Maine in-laws.
Fact: This bread is made in Portland, Maine - not Canada
Fact: Most of Maine might as well be Canada
Fact: This bread is the reason I break our "high fiber whole grain" bread rule.

new favorite playground (83rd and Riverside)

Qara learning about currents

Handy to have a sister/permanent see-saw partner

sandbox fun

hiking a mountain trail? Nope, just outside that same playground is a little nature trail and butterfly garden

perfect after a hot hike!

Catching a World Cup game with a princess on his shoulders. ...what? Doesn't every body watch soccer this way?

I took a nap and woke up next to this guy:

very creepy.

and this was the rest of Saturday evening.

After a terrific church service and a long lunch, our plans to see the BEST FIREWORKS in the nation fell through. Toddlers didn't nap. We were exhausted. I was horribly disappointed. Then we decided to throw an impromptu "Happy Birthday America Party". Girls made decorations and glitter fireworks, I made the good ol' U.S. a cake, and we had a picninc on our living room floor.

Elasia's fireworks were particularly brilliant

gotta grill, right?

Adam set up the picnic...
(that's apple juice in the cooler for the them and 2 "cold ones" for mommy and daddy)

it was Adam's idea to dress in red, white, and blue. He's a keeper. :-)

decorating the cake (pretty last minute, thrown together)

Happy Birthday, America!!

234 years old! We only had 14 random birthday candles and I found this 2 from Qara's last birthday = Almost Perfect! ha ha

And after watching the fireworks on TV....

Plan B ending up being just perfect.

Happy Independence Day weekend everyone!  Don't forget to stop by Michelle's blog ( to get a sneak peek into other's weekends.)

Much love from Hamilton Heights!


Melissa said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! I think your Plan B was awesome! I love that you made a cake and had them decorate some fireworks. Brilliant!

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I love the indoor picnic! Great save!!

sherilee said...

What a fabulous weekend with adorable children! And how fun that you stayed in--looks like Plan B was really the A+ plan after all!

Chelsea (Building a Grown-Up Life) said...

Glitter glue is definitely the fireworks of the craft world!

Deborah said...

Oh geez, I love it that you put out the cooler and lawn chairs too. So great! The next time it rains, I'm stealing this idea.

Abby Rose said...

can i be jealous of youre "plan B"? ok good, because i SO am.

Evita Gahagan said...

thanks everyone. I really feel like this whole weekend could be summed up in one word: Grace.

It was lovely. I look forward to peeking into what you're weekends were like!

Shanygne said...

You are soo creative!! I love that you made it happen like that! I need to put more effort into stuff like this... to make memories and show the importance of history, etc... love you guys!