Bits of my weekend - Volume 11

What an INCREDIBLE weekend.

Prime highlight: My parents flew in!  One of my birthday presents was a plane ticket to go visit one of my best friend's (and probably one of the most brilliant people alive) Deborah !! (The hubs scored MAJOR points with that one.)  So I fly out next Thursday and return Monday and while I'm gone the 'rents are here to help out with the kiddos!

Here's what went down this weekend:
Friday evening:
On the way to the airport we stopped by Nadal 2 Deli (which is my FAVORITE neighborhood deli...ever) to pick up sandwiches and couldn't pass by this new display without salivating and taking a pic.

Saturday Morning:
The 'rents took us out to breakfast, such a fun tradition

Our good friends GAVE us their fish AND tank AND equipment. It was quite an endeavor, but we like our 26 new children. didn't survive the move. :-/

This is their adorable kitten Nacho, thinking he's about to get a rather posh lunch.

Finally (after 7 hours of work work work...) the fish were settled in their temporary tank in our bedroom. (We're waiting for a larger stand to put them into the 29 gallon tank)

Qara really likes the angel fish. Awww....

set up for All Souls Christian Church early Sunday morning.
(See that fuzzy guy all the way to the right? In the blue shirt?  He's one of the pastors and I think he's hot. I have a pretty big crush on him. He was the preacher today too. It was hard to focus.)

After church we grabbed a few sandwiches and snacks and headed to the Hudson for some FREE KAYAKING.  Since I was born in NYC, I have always been pretty leery of getting water from the Hudson River on my body. I just always figured it was a sure-fire way to grow a third arm or something. But good friends of ours were going, they said our kids could do it too, my husband gave that one oh-so-convincing look..... That's all it took. I was in line waiting to get into the green water.

That's our good friends and that's my "I think this is going be" smile. Elasia isn't masking how she feels about this.

And OF COURSE (much to Adam's wonder and amusement) I FELL in the WATER!! Elasia and I were in the same kayak and happily paddled all around the marked area. When it was time to come back in, I positioned the kayak right next to the dock and she was safely lifted out. The lady assisting us said, "Now push up with your arms and using your upper body, lift up and over on to the dock."  Sounds easy, right? 
I lifted up and some how at the SAME moment she let go of the kayak and it drifted away from the dock simultaneously. I doubted my lifting skills and decided to sit back down and try again, only when I sat back down there was NO kayak to sit in!! Only green Hudson River water!!! I remember thinking as I splashed in the water..."just don't get it in your mouth, don't get it in your mouth!!" Ha Ha. It was actually really funny and ...dare I say it...rather refreshing. It was 95 degrees outside.

This is me, soaking wet and in a rather chipper mood. This is also how Elasia felt about it. (But she did have a GREAT time, and we all actually want to go again sometime really soon.)

That's my weekend!  Don't forget to check out other's weekends at Michelle's Blog

Much love from Hamilton Heights!


Beth said...

I've got to quit reading blogs that start with pictures of pastries . . . looks so yummy!

For real? 29 gallons? I can't let my kids read this. I only let them have the little bowls and they have to stay in their bathrooms. : )