Bits of my weekend - Volume 10

Up and at 'em and off to the gym

I came home to a mini-band in the girls room:

(this is one of the few pics I have of the finished bunkbed...the girls LOVE IT)

Lunch. So good it was noteworthy.

THEN - it was off to Queens for a bitter-sweet goodbye party to such incredible friends. Florida is one lucky place. :-/

I inherited a few REALLY awesome books from the friends that are moving. This one was a cookbook that made my heart beat faster and my eyes pop out of my head.  Just love it.

and the rest of Saturday:
I spent prepping to speak at church on Sunday while Adam FINALLY got to get much needed rest.


My cutie-pies on the way to All Souls Christian Church.

How we spent our afternoon - GO SPAIN!!!

Great friends came over to watch the game with us - this is JJ. He's a cuddle-bug. Sometimes.

And a MAJOR highlight!!!!
Sunday night we went to.....
Can you read/guess what this playbill is for with my poor quality camera-phone pic?  It's for A Winter's Tale, which is the Public Theater's produciton in Central Park as a part of the annual "Shakespeare in the Park" tradition.

It. was. wonderful.

That was my weekend - it flew by! How was yours?  Don't forget to stop by Michelle's blog to get a peek into other's weekends!

Love from Hamilton Heights, NYC!


Melissa said...

That IS a noteworthy lunch! :)

I like the bunk beds. If we have another one we'll be doing bunk beds ourselves one day!

I will be saying goodbye to some friends very soon myself. I think they're leaving in less than a week. They're not only friends, they're next door neighbors. My daughter and the neighbor girl walked to school together everyday... They will be greatly missed.

sherilee said...

I have that cookbook and love it!

I think everyone I know was cheering for Spain... or at least no one has admitted to cheering for the Netherlands... I loved watching the game, especially at the end of course!

Deborah said...

The bunkbed is cute but not quite as cute as Adam's little band... so cute!