The new dessert bites offered at one of my FAVORITE local eateries.

I may devote a whole longer entry to the wonder that is Marrakich (a small Moroccan restaurant that opened recently in my 'hood). This is a pistachio, honey...something-or-other aka "YUM"

The downside: Service is soooooo SOOOO slow compared to New York standards. Seriously, even if you call in ahead of time - just sit down and get comfy, 'cause it's going to take awhile. 
The upside: EVERYTHING else. If you've been to Morocco - this will take you back. And the vibe is just like a small shop there. You feel like Grandma is in the back cooking. (You know? That could be the case - which would explain why everything takes so long.)

Definitely worth the time it takes to eat here.  We order all around the menu and, so far, nothing has disappointed. Thinking about it is making me salivate and I'm not even hungry!