Bits of My Weekend - Volume 8: LOTS of happenings!!

I wanted to include Friday AND Monday in this weekend...but decided I'd leave what we're doing today for another post...I'm sure it'll generate quite a few great stories. (I'll let the suspense marinate you...ha ha :-) )

But my weekend DID start on Friday when I woke up to Adam saying he was surprising me by working from home was my 30th birthday - yeah!!!  And with that intro - here's a look into my weekend. (apologies for the blurry pics - ALL of them were with my phone)

Adam's work of art on our wall when I woke up

beautiful birthday flowers

Although he told me not to look - I looked into our kitchen where he had been trying to surprise me by making my a birthday cake instead of buying one.  ...somehow 2 "George Forman" grills and a large toaster oven were necessary in this cake making process. Oh and  a potato masher.... ha ha!

The proud baker. I told him it was BEAUTIFUL. :-)

God's birthday card to me. A sign I passed on my way from the gym Friday.

My birthday dinner was at my FAVORITE Thai restaurant in all of Manhattan, Pongsri. Some of the wait staff and the general manager have known us for 5 years and have watched our kids grow. It's like eating with family there. (the one on w. 48th, I don't know about the other one downtown)

After dinner, and with our dilapidated beautiful homemade birthday cake, Adam said we should go to a coffee shop in the Upper Westside. Skeptical, I went along with it.  Once we got to the famous Joe's cafe I was shocked by a surprise coffee and dessert PRIVATE party!!!

decorations, streamer, balloons and the WHOLE place to ourselves!

all my favorite fruit and chocolates!! Our own personal artist/barista - Josh - to make us ANYTHING from the menu...unlimited coffee/tea!!

Such a very very Happy Birthday!
Random - here's one of my favorite gifts received at this little surprise party. Ha ha - don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

Mo's Bacon Chocolate Bar.

Leadership meeting in the morning

The we shuffled downtown to Adam's coworker's wedding. Sorry no pics of the ceremony. I was entirely consumed with keeping 2 toddlers quiet and from destroying everything.  But afterwards and before the reception, there was a BEAUTIFUL cocktail hour at the glass rooftop bar of Hotel Indigo
Elasia sipping her pineapple juice

one of the beautiful views

so...maybe I was trying to show how nicely these Goldman Sachs employees clean up. Or....maybe this is a really bad attempt at getting a picture of the lady in the foregrounds fabulous shoes.

Dinner Saturday Night will receive its own post (look for it Tuesday!!!) I will tell you we went here:

Foodies that are reading this: you can go get a drink of water and fan yourself - it's okay - I understand. It was...a supernatural meal. For all the perfect reasons.  (Come back on Tuesday to see what we got!!!)

Sunday: a pretty regular "Sunday"

Qara running to the school where All Souls Christian Church meets

afterwards, a "bring and share" picnic by the river at w. 73rd-ish

I love these people.

That was my weekend - how was yours?  Don't forget to stop by Michelle's blog to peek into other's weekends too -

Love from Hamilton Heights!


Deborah said...

That's a great look on Adam's face, but on second glance, it looks like he's impersonating Ron Luce.

michelle said...

What a fabulous weekend! Happy birthday to you! Love that hubby made a cake:-)

Evita Gahagan said...

Deb - it's unavoidable...those were the moldable years for Adam LOL!!

Michelle: thanks!! He was so proud of the cake. To his credit - it tasted pretty great. :-)