Bits of My Weekend: Volume 7

What an excellent weekend celebrating the incredible father my husband is/is becoming! June is a busy month for us - our anniversary, Father's Day, and my birthday. We both love summer as well - so it's fair to assume that most of my BoMWs this month will involve ice cream, sunshine and celebrating of some sort.
Saturday morning - the girls ate their weight in watermelon waiting for me to make breakfast.

Blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes on the menu - yum.

Qara decided it was a royal affair and put her princess dress on.

Daddy dogpile after a big breakfast.

Then off to the gym to work it all off!

While Elasia was in ballet we decided we deserved a little treat.

The adorable little recital to "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. The cute factor was lethal.

Then after a fabulous tea time with some great ladies, I was on a top secret mission (across town, mind you!) to get a Father's Day present.
Yes, we have Home Depot stores here in NYC. They just don't sell all the same things the ones "back home" sold. Very Manhattan.

After a long, full day - I sat on the couch with my "to do" list, papers, pens and laptop. About 10 minutes later...this was the last thing I saw right before I passed out - asleep - on the couch. ha ha.


After a fabulous time at All Souls Christian Church we took Adam to an Irish Pub to eat some wings and watch some soccer.  Then - OF COURSE - Ice cream! (we got some delicious stuff at the UWS Emack & Bolios - yum)

Happy Father's Day - incredible man!!

(Adam - You're an incredible father. I know you're not perfect, but that's precisely why I respect you. You are humble - which makes us feel safe. You are incredibly courageous, which makes us feel secure. And you are wise beyond your experience, which makes us look forward to the days ahead.)

That was my weekend - how was yours? Don't forget to take a peek at others' happenings here on Michelle's blog!


michelle said...

What a fun weekend! Your girls are so adorable!

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I love that last picture! So cute!

Kelly Tirman said...

I heard a rumor that we might finally getting a home depot in San Francisco - presently they are all outside of the city.

Evita Gahagan said...

Michelle and Danielle - thanks!!

Kelly - really? Hope the rumors are true - I'm impressed with how they tweaked their marketing/inventory to appeal (and be practical) to city-dwellers.