Bits of my weekend - Volume 5

Our weekend started Friday night.  Here's a little background:

Because neither of our families live near us (Adam's in Maine and mine in Florida), and yet they are so GREAT - we receive care packages from them every-so-often.  There's always a Christmas-like vibe when we receive them too! Usually they are full of special gifts, toys/surprises for the girls, sweets etc. Inevitably, there is something random that makes us all laugh and think, "Huh?"  (i.e. a pack of dish sponges, self-adhesive hooks, old magazines....the list could go on and on.)   This week my parents sent a package of mostly baby wipes for the girls and candy. Buried in the box were two glow-in-the-dark balls (some assembly required.)  Go figure.

So Friday night, we did what every family should do when they receive two glow-in-the-dark balls.  We had a mini-rave.

And Saturday morning, because we're creatures of habit.
Like the Modern Interpretation of The Pancake on top? Thanks.

(sorry camera phones aren't so great with motion...) Early morning stretches and an example of why her nickname is "Monkey"

As always, we walked down to ballet in "the castle" and I couldn't pass up the op for a picture with the sunlight coming through the high windows. It is such a beautiful building!

One of the main highlights of our weekend was going to the P.S. 87 street fair. There were SO many great things for the kids to do and see, like crafts -

and bubbles -

but the girls' favorite part: The Sno-Cones!!

Sure, I had a blast too. But it was hot. And there was A LOT of walking involved. And a good dose of "Oh no - where are my kids?!?!?!" freak-out moments. So when we got home (and put the girls down for naptime) I spent some quality time with:

Don't be fooled by this poor-quality picture of a seemingly harmless couch.  This is a sneaky creature. What started off as a comfy place to read became the place for a coma-like 2 hour nap.

It. was. wonderful.

This is how my girls shop. They do performances with the merchandise and decide what we should buy based on "diva-factor". :-)  Actually, Adam took the girls to the store while I got dinner ready and snapped this shot.

And Sunday. 

Ah Sundays.

 Well there are still about 20 more minutes of it left and I can honestly say it was a bit of a blur. I know it was full of hilariously adorable children, beautiful people, 2 meetings, a new GREAT place to get a quick bite to eat in the UWS 

Oh, and this precious little boy.  This is JJ. He and his beautiful momma hung out with us for the afternoon/evening. And apparently my girls wore him out.  Sweet boy.

That was my weekend. Trying to clear Monday's plate so I can take a breather before the week runs me over.

How was yours?  Check out other great weekend highlights at Michelle's blog.

Much love from Hamilton Heights!


Dayna said...

I'm totally craving pancakes. And could your girls be any cuter? Wow!

Michelle said...

Jam packed weekend. That's how mine are. Your girls are just too dang adorable! And pancakes are the greatest...

Abby Rose said...

i LOVE the sunglasses pic. those girls steal my heart :)