What to do...

So, Elasia has had a 102.1 fever since yesterday with no other "sick" symptoms. Well, that's not exactly accurate - she's been very sweet and cuddly and clingy which is not her typical "I-have-to-explore-the-WHOLE-world-right-now-and-i'm-definitely-NOT-napping" personality. Oh, and she doesn't have much of an appetite. In fact, she only wants to eat these multigrain Keebler Club crackers that I've managed to get her addicted to. (Don't be fooled by the word "multigrain", it's only there to quiet my conscience. There's not more fiber or less fat then the regular, buttery, void of nutrition Orginal kind. If anything, they have more sugar. But, hey, they're "multigrain"!)

So it gets tricky because there's only so much you can do with 1 hand, and the hand keeps switching. And then, what I can do with one hand can't be within 2 feet of her reach because she automatically thinks it's for her, grabs whatever it is and puts it in her mouth. This isn't the most ideal scenario for ...oh...chopping vegetables (knives don't make great teething toys)...washing dishes...getting dressed...or anything else constructive that I had planned for today. I can, however, do stuff on the computer, but after a couple of hours I feel like my brain starts to leak out of my ears.

So, what do I do? I'm loving all this cuddle time with baby, but I (and Elasia)leave on Wed night to South Carolina (to visit Deb and her new babies) and there's oh-so-much to do before then. How am I going to do this with TWO kids?! I don't get it.

Adam prayed for Elasia this morning and she is doing better than she was last night, but I think I'm going to call her pediatrician to rule out any infection I can't see (ear, urinary tract, etc). Ah the adventures of motherhood.


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Hope she is feeling better today. Have a great time in SC..

I am impressed you read the labels..I stop at the large bold "multigrain" on the front of the packaging and convince myself it is nutritious..the joy of being oblivious.