So, here's quick little PG-13 thought for the world. (If you're 13 or younger and reading this - I'm telling your mom!)

Okay, yes, we're pregnant again. (Most of you have found out via my husband's lovely comment). Well, we're very excited about this little surprise. But honestly, how surprised were we really?

Sex + no form of contraception = babies, usually (and I'm not even a math person!)

We knew that:
1) Even though we're breastfeeding there's still a chance of getting pregnant
2) We've always wanted our kids close in age
3) Having had a great first pregnancy and labor (yes, you really can have a "great" labor. "Great" is so very relative, of course), the thought of another kid right away didn't freak me out as much as I thought it would.

So, we just lived our happily married life and when I was all of a sudden REALLY tired and my monthly "friend" never came, we bought a test. And Viola! Positive! When most people find out, they are tentative to respond until they see that we are truly ecstatic about it, then after some comment about the closeness in age of the two, they're happy for us.

Well, my least favorite little "joke" we've gotten - not once but TWICE - is (from people that are pretty much strangers too!!), "What? You guys don't have a TV?" Are you kidding me?! A TV?

COME ON PEOPLE!! How lame does your sex life have to be that you'd rather be watching TELEVISION than having an intimate moment with your spouse?! ESPECIALLY when you've got a small child and your moments alone together are precious few. anyways, I'm done ranting about the audacity of some people in this world, but let this be fair warning to all you perfect strangers in NYC - if we happen to chat on a bus or subway sometime and you bust out with this "no TV" nonsense, I may flip out on you.

And..uh..well...for the record - no, we really don't have a TV. ;-)


heidi said...

oh my GRACIOUS MEANGOS...i miss you. i was just talking with becky henderson and trisha junkins at starbucks and we ALL miss you.

you just have that effect on the world.

and as for the ridiculous baby comments...just tell them your name means, "the mother of all living" and you don't have time to waste!

that blog was HILARIOUS!

i can't believe deborah still is about to be a mother of 3, and molly curfman is getting married. did you know?

and i can't believe that i have to type in "smenita" so that your blog will post my comment. what's that about?

love you so~

heidi ann stevens

Gabriel said...

Hey Evita,
Heidi sent me a link to your blog. Congratulations! That's very exciting. Tell Adam I said hello.
much love to yall

Coleen Pierce said...

Congratulations! Babies are so awesome. And I am sure you and Adam are amazing parents.

Much love to you!