MMs: How to Feel Miserable as a Mom...

I saw a very clever rePOST on Facebook entitled "How to Feel Miserable as an Artist" and wanted to pass it on to every artist that I know!  Then as I thought for a second, I realized how true and SURPRISINGLY similar a quick list for mothers would be.  Here's my mother version, barely edited into mother specific terms:

How to Feel Miserable as a Mother
1. Constantly compare yourself to other mothers
2. Talk to your family/friends about what you do and expect them to always cheer you on.
3. Base the success of your entire parenting on one season of your child's life
4. Stick with what you know
5. Undervalue your intuition
6. Let money dictate the quality of your children's lives
7. Bow to societal pressures
8. Only do work that your family will appreciate
9. Do whatever your children ask
10. Set unattainable/overwhelming goals. To be accomplished by tomorrow.

Thank you, whoever wrote the artist list! You get all the credit for this mommy list too.