Motherhood Mondays: Futility

Kids are funny little creatures, aren't they?
I think because I know my own kids so well they can have the ability to press my every button to make me scream out of frustration and yet the next SECOND they could have me laughing so hard I'll nearly pee my pants.

::sigh:: ah kids. Sometimes when life doesn't make sense and I'm sure they're going to need years (and thousands of dollars worth) of therapy after they leave home, I stop and realize how FUNNY these children are.

A little while I go, I started emailing my family (all of whom live very far away from us) funny snipets of things the girls would do or say. I noticed a series of one-liners developing...I decided to name it "Futility".
Here's what I've compiled:
  • Futility: Being given a choice by Elasia.
    • Example -
      • Elasia: "Qara which purse do you want? (holding up both a pink and a purple purse)
      • Qara: (pointing at the pink one) That one!
      • Elasia: Nope.
      • Qara: okkkk...(pointing at the purple one) That one!
      • Elasia:Nope (and walks away with both purses)
  • Futility: Trying to get work done on the computer when your two-year has secretly run off with the cordless mouse and is still within range. I would be typing and windows started popping up/closing, things were getting highlighted - I thought our laptop was possessed. 'Til I looked over to the corner, and there was Qara with a BIG smile on her face, laughing. :-)
  • Futility: playing "I spy" with Zaqarah on the subway.
    • Example -
      • Qara: I spy my liddle eye somefin' BLUE!!
      • Me: Is it that big blue sign?
      • Qara: NO! It's yours backpack!! (note: the backpack is LIME GREEN!!)
  • Futility: staying frustrated at Elasia on a packed subway ride.
    • Example -
      • Me (through gritted teeth): I. told. you. to. NEVER. let. go. of. my hand. EVER.
      • Elasia (very loudly): I knoooow, Mommy, but that man's big belly was in the way. I think he has a baby in there! (pointing right at the man...)
Gotta love 'em, right?
Do you have any "futility" moments that make you smile at their innocence, laugh at their perspective on life or just reveal how silly they are?  Please leave a comment so we can all take a breather and remember that we DO, in fact, love our jobs.

And big "high fives" to each of you Fabulous Mommies!! You are changing the world one diaper change, one tear wiping, one disciplinary moment... one sleepless night at a time.


Beth said...

Nothing comes to mind at this early morning hour . . . but your little girls sure do make me laugh!

You are so blessed!

Abby Serio said...

me: "jj, its too hot out for the park right now baby, maybe in a little bit"
JJ: *nods head up and down furiously while grabbing my finger and pulling me out of my chair" park mama, park!

im waiting for the pregnant man on the subway or the full figured clearly NOT pregnant woman in the supermarket that he deems with child. when i bury my head in my purse, you will have to come pull me out.