Bits of my weekend - Volume 14

Because Sunday was a blur of church, meetings and projects around the house - I've decided to redefine which days I would call my "weekend". The winners: Friday and Saturday. :-) Here's a peek:

I took the girls for a short walk around our neighborhood and we ended up right alongside the Husdon River. Elasia was brave and ventured out on to the rocks. The "concrete jungle" DOES have bits of nature, we just have to have the eyes to see it.

Our grape harvest from Maggie's Garden.

Dinner Friday night: fresh Chesapeake Bay blue crabs....yum.

This is where Qara goes when she needs "alone" time. There's not much space in our apartment. It works well for her.


Isn't it pretty? My fabulous friend, Amber gave me this monkey bread pan from Cracker Barrel for my birthday. Love it.

this TOTALLY counts as breakfast, right?

I <3 NY. This is one of the reasons why: Hong Kong Dragonboat Festival in Flushing Meadows Park in Queens.

Looking through the reeds to get a closer look at the races.

They're neck and neck coming up to the finish line!

Besides the boat races there were preformances, arts and crafts and LOTS of good food. (and an overwhelming amount of corporate sponsers' paraphenalia EVERYWHERE)
Qara seemed more interested in her lolipop than the dragon behind her....

field of kites!

Elasia's making a paper dragon boat. (It was REALLY sunny.)

This, friends, is my dad's DREAM car. :-)

Ended the great day with a BBQ in Maggie's Garden.

And that was my "weekend"! Hope yours was wonderful - Please, don't forget about all the Arnold family is going through. They've set up a trust fund in honor of Ryan and you can donate/learn more here.

Much love from Hamilton Heights.


britney said...

Evita, your girls are beautiful!! and i LOOOVE monkey bread. we used to have it on special mornings like christmas or birthdays...such good memories!! hope all is well!!

Evita Gahagan said...

Thanks Britney! My parents had NEVER had monkey bread before!!! I had to introduce them to one of the many benefits of marrying a WASP. :-)

Beth said...

Love the way you and Michelle keep me connected with city life . . . Garden Valley has my heart, but it's fun to peak into your very different world! : )