Bits of my weekend - Volume 13

Happy Monday Everyone!  This weekend was a blast and I really look forward to processing it via this series.

Saturday morning after lots of cuddles and hanging around way too long in our pjs, we headed out to westsern New Jersey to visit Adam's oldest brother, Aron, his wife Megan and the ADORABLE nephew, Ethan.

On the way there we HAD to stop here for lunch:
If you can get to 147th and St.'s SO worth it. While they offer all sorts of seafood goodness, as the the name suggests, we always order:


After a good long car ride, we got to Hackettstown, NJ.  We had to jump STRAIGHT into their pool. It was turning out the be the PERFECT summer day.

It's like all this summer awesomeness just happened. We didn't sit down on Saturday morning and list out all of our favorite things about summer and plan to do them. It just worked out that way. Those kind of days are the BEST.

Dinner was delicious BBQ - thanks Aron!
(AND there was watermelon! I still can't get over it all...)

Cuddles with the cute cuz.

Ride home. (I blame the poor quality of the pic on my car sickness :-))

Sunday morning!!

The girls on the way to the subway to see the church! They had an extra skip in their step because I told them I was going to be one of their teachers. (For our kids program called the Adventure Zone)

snack time during class. See that purple and blue blur in the background? That's Zaqarah. And it's normally what Qara looks like when I'm not forcing her stand still for a picture.

Playground time!

And right when I've felt like we've tried EVERYWHERE in the Upper Westside for brunch (that we can get in to, at least) our friend Daniel told us about....
Yum. Great prices and portions and flavors and....yeah, we're definitely coming back here. (AND there's a realistic kids menu)

Then, Adam took the girls home for a nap while I ran down to Port Authority. Why? Because I was taking a bus to some far away place? Nope. To go bowling, of course, while celebrating our friend MeChonda's birthday.

Yeah, I had no idea there was a bowling alley in that place - but apparently every one of my corporate friends knew about this place. It was a GREAT time.

Ode to the fabulous footwear of bowling alleys!

Then I came home to this:

note the rainboots are on the wrong feet. I wonder what Adam was doing with them while I was downtown? ha ha.

That was my weekend! How was yours?
I'll love to catch up - leave a link in the comments if your blogging about your weekend!

Much love from Hamilton Heights!