MMs: Golden Moments

Going through my older posts, I'd love to repost some of the ones that really encouraged me and gave me proper perspective on Motherhood. This one is from 2 years ago.  I still strive to treasure the Golden Moments:

I have these moments that flash through my mind, usually right before bed time that cause chills to creep up and down my back and tears to well up in my eyes. They are Dark Moments of self-doubt. Moments when I forget that the world doesn't rest on my shoulders and there are Hands that hold my children that are much stronger than mine. The cruel instant-replays of harsh words, bad decisions, and missed opportunities to show love to my children.

And there are Golden Moments. Moments when Elasia's eyes sparkle with mischief, sloppy syrupy hugs after pancake breakfast, playing with Qara's spring-like curls after a bath and the cuddles. Oh the cuddles. Watching Elasia patiently teach her little sister something or Qara run up to me confessing something she broke with big, bright apologetic eyes.

Thankfully the scale tips on the golden side of things most days. ::sigh:: Most.

Here's a peek at one of them from Saturday.  We had just come from an early afternoon wedding. We went to cocktail hour with our toddlers and all they had for food was a few chicken nuggets we bought on the walk from the ceremony to the hotel bar where the cocktail hour was being held.  Once we got home, I was expecting whiney, over-tired drama.  But instead...I got this:

A picture is worth a thousands words.

Yes, that is a big ol' bowl of peas that they're ravenously devouring.
No, that is not normal.
Yes, Qara had stripped herself down to only her diaper and the earliest chance she could find.
Yes, that is normal.

We skipped naptime and put them to bed early. And as I sat on the couch after bedtime, with my cup of coffee and "to do" list in front of me, I took a second to be thankful for the Golden Moments. It is proving to be effective ammunition to fight of the sickness in my heart that the Dark ones bring.


Shanygne said...

BEAUTIFUL... and well said. totally could have been from just about any mom's heart.

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I do not have a mother, I actually never had, I often ask my self how is mother's love like and this often makes me cry......

Your kids looked cute and the post was impressive too....

All the best in life ahead guys!

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Evita Gahagan said...

Thanks Shanygne!

Nicole - feel free to stop in from time to time. I'm trying to be as transparent as I can be on this journey.