Her Birthday party

So Elasia turned 1 year old on March 22, 2007. It was a Thursday, so we didn't do anything "public" on that day. We had a wonderful family time together. We gave her a few presents and let her play with any toy she wanted to all day.

Then on April 1st we have our Indian food extravaganza. It was a lot of fun and thank you so much to everyone who came. Here are a few pictures my friend Lilly took of "Miss Thang" on her day.
Before we put on the "birthday crown"

Her first taste of CAKE

You can sorta see her whole dress here

More Cake!

The 2 of us

One of my favorite funny faces she makes

All in all it was a great celebration for my wonderful girl. It makes me so excited for the next baby!


Bethany said...

Adorable Evita! I'm so glad you gave us your blog site! We'd love to have your family visit sometime, or come visit in NYC. I have never been so hopefully sometime Josh and I will be able to come for a long weekend!

Heidi said...

Evita...she is GORGEOUS. i didn't realize that i missed Elasia's birthday...
oh my goodness. it still hits me that you're a Mama...she reminds me of little Myan Runyan (Southlands)...they have the same skin stone and color, and i adore Myah.
wish i could see you all...love,
heidi (stevens)

Heidi said...

wow...proofreading is our friend...i just re-read what i wrote and realized how ridiculous...:)