Family Update and Springtime Pics

Hello world,

Things have been going wonderful - the sun is out, the flowers are blooming and my belly is getting larger. Elasia is the star of the show these days, though. She's been taking her first careful steps, saying more things everyday and just being ADORABLE all around. One of my favorite antics of hers lately is when she reaches out for your nose, squeezes it and says, "Honk!"

My parents bought her a toy guitar - here's her and daddy at one of their first guitar lessons.

And here's a "story time" shot. It's amazing how much this girl LOVES books! (And how many times we can read the same book over and OVER to her without her ever getting bored of it.)

And here's a sequence I tried to get of her walking - the flower was just adding arsty "spring effect"

That's all from this end, she's starting to complain and - shock of all shockers - she wants me to read her a book!

Her Birthday party

So Elasia turned 1 year old on March 22, 2007. It was a Thursday, so we didn't do anything "public" on that day. We had a wonderful family time together. We gave her a few presents and let her play with any toy she wanted to all day.

Then on April 1st we have our Indian food extravaganza. It was a lot of fun and thank you so much to everyone who came. Here are a few pictures my friend Lilly took of "Miss Thang" on her day.
Before we put on the "birthday crown"

Her first taste of CAKE

You can sorta see her whole dress here

More Cake!

The 2 of us

One of my favorite funny faces she makes

All in all it was a great celebration for my wonderful girl. It makes me so excited for the next baby!