I love New York with kids...on most days.

I love that my girls are growing up in the Big Apple.

(sorry it's blurry - phone camera, I was moving and it was a crowded subway)

I love that Elasia knows what to do after I swipe my metro card (which is duck under the turnstile and come hold my hand). I love how "into" people watching she is. And I love that she looks like a natural reading her AM New York on the 1 train.  (Qara...well she's another story. I'm still trying to teach her that she shouldn't pet the sleeping homeless person covered in newspapers...and that strangers don't appreciate having their butts grabbed in the middle of a rush-hour-packed subway car.)

Yes, it's hard on a lot of days to have small kids here. But there are those times when I look around at all they get to experience...all they get to define as "normal" - that's still so novel to me - and I truly appreciate where we live.